Sovereign Fund Advisory

Sovereign funds are major institutional investors in a complex macro-financial environment undergoing significant governance and management transformation. Our advisory services focus on holistic approach from governance to investment management performance enhancement. Examples of our services include, but not limited to
  • Strategy Review
  • Business Plan Enhancement
  • Operational Enhancement
  • Compliance Review
  • Management Reporting
  • Board Operational Guideline Enhancement
  • Strategic Asset Allocation Review
  • Investment project pipeline identification and assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Macro-financial linkages policy assessment
  • Sovereign Asset Liability Management Review

We are
Sovereign Fund specialists

Sovereign Fund Advisory LLC is a sector-specialist consulting group with expertise,  experience and connectivity to support the design, establishment and implementation of sovereign funds including Sovereign Wealth Funds, Strategic Investment Funds, Development Banks, Green Funds and Pension Funds.

Whether building macro frameworks to optimize foreign savings and domestic investments, navigating fund policy objectives, structure and governance hurdles, articulating long-term investment and risk management strategies or developing project pipelines, Sovereign Fund Advisory experts serve as trusted partners, offering clients the analysis, technical advice, and strategies they need for sound decision-making.

Known for both technical and service excellence and with global expertise in over 20+ countries, we offer the following areas of expertise:

  • Fund role, policy objectives and mandate
  • Structure and governance
  • Transparency, accountability
  • Investment and risk management strategies
  • Strategic asset management
  • Results monitoring and reporting
  • Legal, regulatory and contractual framework
  • Fund formation
  • Project pipeline analysis
  • Investor landscape analysis
  • Instruments for bridging projects and investor IRR expectations
  • Financial simulations
  • Prospectus
  • Road show
  • Advisory board participation

Value Creation

I mplementing international best practice is at the heart of Sovereign Fund Advisors’ DNA. We advise where our expertise, experience and connectivity can empower management teams to achieve substantial long-term value creation and sustainable development impact.

What Makes Us Different

Strategic Advice
We embed dedicated strategic advisors in many client relationships. These strategic advisors have deep expertise and experience in sovereign fund development and implementation, and they are essential in our effort to provide holistic fund management guidance and support.

Active Partnerships
Offering significant transparency and peace of mind, we provide active advisory as well as dynamic involvement, including Advisory Board participation.

Transparency is critical in public fund management so that all stakeholders set and operate with well-aligned expectations. It ensures better governance and contributes to long-term value creation and sustainable development impact.

Our Approach