Our Clients


We advise a variety of governments and government agencies, including Ministries of Finance, Central Banks, Technical Ministries and Regulatory Agencies. Our work is often centered on developing a consensus across Government agencies on the role, policy objectives and mandate of sovereign funds.

Sovereign Funds

Sovereign Wealth Funds, Strategic Investment Funds, Green Funds, Pension Funds

We partner with a variety of sovereign wealth funds, strategic investment funds, green funds and pension funds around the world. We can advise an organization on the entirety of its development and implementation needs, including structure, governance, investment and risk management strategies, strategic asset management, project pipeline and investor landscape analysis, and design of return enhancement instruments. Our colleagues personally serve as advisory board members, giving us an understanding of the investment and governance challenges these organizations face.

Institutions, Financial Intermediaries & Consultants

We support international organizations, financial intermediaries, corporations, think tanks and academic institutions in the analysis of sovereign funds evolution and future prospects, and in the organization of knowledge and training conferences, seminars, workshop and webinars.